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TIP: A general rule of thumb is that you have 1 unit per thermostat in your house.

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When you shop for a new car, you compare models and compare apples to apples. Be sure to get model details to shop the same for air conditioning systems. Not all are the same. We include it all in our pricing with complete transparency. Here's what we include with every Green Leaf installation:

  • Supply and install smart thermostat.
  • Pull necessary permits for having jurisdiction.
  • Remove and dispose of or recycle old equipment and refrigeration to epa guidelines.
  • Protect floors with drop cloths.
  • Install fused disconnect box for outdoor unit.
  • Install new electrical whip.
  • Insulate refrigerant line outside and in attic where its recommended.
  • Install primary and secondary float switch.
  • Install new filter/drier for filtering and preventing deposits.
  • Install all equipment components as required by mechanical code.
  • Seal all equipment seams and joints with mastic or silicone.
  • Clean and seal return and supply plenums as accessible.
  • Install new drain pan.
  • Install vibration foam blocks.
  • Flush existing line sets to remove and mineral and deposits for the new refrigeration.
  • Purge nitrogen through refrigeration copper tubing while brazing to prevent carbon deposits.
  • Balance refrigerant charge.
  • Vacuum system down to 500 microns.
  • Perform engineering analysis (load calculation) or manual j to ensure proper sizing.
  • Register equipment to activate 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Remove attic door if needed and install back.
  • Install new outdoor unit pad.
  • Process any applicable rebates for the customer.
  • Seal any opening to prevent rodent entry from outside unit
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Select your new unit.

  • platinum Heat-pump Electric Vortex Hybrid Water Heater 66 Gallon High Efficiency

    Heat-pump Electric Vortex Hybrid Water Heater 66 Gallon High Efficiency More Info »

    • Heat Pump Design for Super High Efficiency
    • Whisper Quiet Operation
    • Back Up Electric Elements
    • Advanced Electronic Control
    • Fully Serviceable from the Front
    • Coregard Anode Rod
    • 6 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • gold 50 Gallon A.O Smith Electric Water Heater

    50 Gallon A.O Smith Electric Water Heater More Info »

    • Dual 4500 watt Heater core strips
    • Enviromentally-friendly Insulation to reduce heat loss
    • Dynaclean diffuser diptune
    • Coregard Anode Rod
    • Enhanced Flow Brass Drain Valve
    • 6 YEar Manufacture Warranty
  • silver 40 Gallon Water Heater

    40 Gallon Water Heater More Info »

    • Dual 4500 watt Heater core strips
    • Enviromentally-friendly Insulation to reduce heat loss
    • Dynaclean diffuser diptune
    • Coregard Anode Rod
    • Enhanced Flow Brass Drain Valve
    • 6 Year Manufacture Warranty



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Manufacturer Warranty

Every Trane residential unit comes with a standard 10 Year Manufacture Warranty. XV20i and XV18 models come with 10 year manufacture warranty as well as a 12 year compressor warranty.

Furnace heat exchangers comes with a 20 year manufacture warranty.

The Green Leaf Extended Warranty

By choosing Green Leaf Air Conditioning and Heating Services on installation replacement, we offer up to 10 years on parts and labor protection on all equipment installed by us. That’s right, peace of mind protection that offers complete service of any repairs from malfunctions of your equipment for up to 10 years on the plan you choose. The minumum Green Leaf offers is a 3 year labor warranty. This means:

  • No Service Call Fees
  • No deductibles
  • Transferrable to new homebuyers
  • No out of pocket expenses
  • Complete peace of mind

At Green Leaf Air Conditioning and Heating, we are committed to providing the best in quality HVAC systems and Service. It’s Green Leaf’s dedication to meeting your total comfort and efficient needs but also to give our clients peace of mind for many years to come.


How it works

There are different angles that Green Leaf can obtain rebates for our clients;

1. At certain times of the year, Trane offers rebate incentives that we then pass to our customers on certain Tiers and times of season. Our comfort advisors will advise you and help keep you informed.

2. Utility companies such as City of Austin, PEC and Oncor can get you rebates on certain Tier and SEER systems when you purchase and have installed by licencse contractors to obtain those rebates for you. Green Leaf makes the process seamless as we handle the paperwork process for you! That's right, no long process paperwork! This varies on the utility budgets and time of year! Ask our comfort advisors to better assist!

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